Beetles Polygel Nail Kit Reviews: Beginner Starter Kit

Designing the nails in different ways not only makes you attractive but also uplifts your confidence level at the party. To ensure that, you definitely need a suitable kit during your manicure session. Today, you will find various types of nail designing kits in the market. Among them, the polygel nail kit is the newest one which popularity surges significantly among users.

Beetles Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit is one of the best polygel nail kits. This polygel nail kit offers fifteen different items to ensure your blissful manicure session. Plus, here you will find three different gel colors which come in a 30 ml tube. One of its eye-cache features is the used materials are toxic-free. 

Those aren’t just a short description, rather it’s indeed an in-depth discussion of the beetles polygel nail kit review. Hopefully, you seek more to keep this one on your buying list. Well, we give a detailed discussion in the following section; hopefully, those will help you. 

What is a Polygel Nail Kit?

Polygel nail extension is a newcomer in the nail beautify arena. If you have a question on how it looks or how it is different from others, then for you, It is much more lightweight and flexible than acrylic. Don’t think that it is like regular gel; instead, it is much harder. 

To ensure this gel’s durability and elastic application, here use TriPolymer technology. Moreover, here lies a liquid named slip which is used to sculpt Polygel; therefore, the user finds it easy to mold and shape. 

Polygel nails offer a great job for those who have a problem in growing their natural nail. The user needs to place the polygel on her natural nails and then cure using an LED lamp. 

Beetles Polygel Nail Kit Review: Ins & out Discussion

Beetles Gel Polis is a renowned brand among the polygel manufacturers. They produce noticeable light builder gel, which offers many standout features. Those blissful thangs help this brand to earn the trust and support of many happy consumers. 

Our picked Beetles Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit is one of their products which reaches over a thousand customers. Here we give you a detailed discussion on Beetles Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit, hope that you will enjoy it. 

Beetles polygel nail kit review: Positive Sides

A complete Nail Care Solution

As a complete package, here includes the following nail care items.

3pcs 30g Poly Extension Gel (Clear/White/Pink)A 48W Nail LampMatte & Glossy top gel & Base gel15ml Slip solution
7.5ml Nail strengthener gel6 sizes Rhinestones  5 sizes Gems6 colors glitters
Gold/Silver nail foilFlame decals and stripping tapesFileNail forms
Dual formsTweezersBrush 

Interestingly, all the gel from Beetles Gel Polis is toxic-free. Plus, the manufacturer uses low odor formula herein and keeps the gel harsh ingredients or adhesives-free. 

Notably, the manufacturer does numerous product testing trials to ensure the ingredients are good in quality and healthy. 

Hopefully, if you have tension related to nail damage, you can give it up because it is much safe. However, don’t think that the manufacturer only emphasizes keeping this gel kit healthy instead;, they ensure great coverage, pigment and long-lasting. 

Naturally, only the color can’t help get an artistic look instead; you need additional items. Well, our picked polygel kit offers two colors of nail foils, six different nail glitters, and nail Rhinestones. Hopefully, you can differentiate your nail design based on the party.

Are you looking for a way to shape your nail and then design it? Well, to facilitate you, the package offers two different size dual forms like flat dual form and curved dual form. The included brush will remain super stiff after use.  

The package has three different gels like Clear, White, and Pink. 

Although the package offers only three colors, but the quantity is good, like 30ml, where most of the brand offers only 15ml. 

The gel isn’t super soft; therefore, you won’t struggle much to keep that in place perfectly to form an actual nail. 

Another eye-cache feature is this polygel kit is light; therefore, the users won’t know they are wearing nail enhancements. 

  1. LED lamp

Beetles Gel Polis comes with a 48W UV LED nail lamp along with an adapter to run. This lamp isn’t automatic instead; here lies an ON/OFF switch that helps start after plugged-in. 

Typically, the curing time depends on the thickness of the gel; that’s why different users demand different curing times. To facilitate the users, this LED lamp offers three-time modes like the 30s, 60s and 120s. 

Another good point of this lamp is the size and shape are much user-friendly; therefore, you can easily put nails under it to cure it.

While operating the LED lamp, you will not face any sound and beep because it offers quiet operation. 

  1. User-friendly Mechanism

This polygel kit comes with an easy-to-understand manual that offers some easy steps to apply. Plus, the manufacturer provides some great tips.  

If you are a beginner, hopefully, you don’t need more than three minutes to build beautiful nail extensions.  

If you want to change the nail art, you need to remove your existing. This polygel kit offers an easy-to-remove facility. 

To remove the design, you just need to file the nail extension gel down and then buffer it. Moreover, if you want to save time and remove the art quickly and cleanly, you can use a nail drill machine. 

  1. Long-lasting

This polygel kit is awesome in terms of long-lasting. When you follow the proper application method, the nail extension will last up to one month. 

Beetles polygel nail kit review: Some down Sides

  1. Oily Slip solution

The slip solution seems so oily, which makes this polygel much runny and hard to work. As the solution, you can use isopropyl alcohol which will work fine. 

Note: Don’t use isopropyl alcohol more than 70%. 

  1. Top Coat 

After painting eight nails, you may see the Top Coats start clumping up.


Beetles Polygel Nail Kit Instructions – Apply Method


  1. To begin with, you need to clean and make your nails oil-free. After that, your task is to buff slightly on the surface of the nails.
  2. Now, take the base coat and apply a thin layer of that. After applying the layer, take the LED lamp and cure the nail. Note: Don’t wipe although the layer seems sticky to you. 
  3. At this stage, you need to choose false nails based on your preference.
  4. Now, take any of the poly extension gel and squeeze that. Then, you need to slice off and roll that gel into your false nail using the spatula end of the pen. 
  5. After that, you need to pat the gel into place for your desired length using the brush end of the pen. If you want better consistency, you need to take the base coat to smooth it out. 
  6. Once you finish, your task is to place the false nail on your real one and then press gently. Then, take the LED lamp and cure those nails. 
  7. After that, you need to pop off and remove the false nail tip by lifting a corner. 
  8. Now, get your desired nail design by trimming, shaping, buffing and polishing the nails.
  9. Finally, you need to finish off with the top coat and then cure under your LED lamp.

Some Warning: 

This polygel may cause allergic reactions after contracting with the skin. To get rid of that, you need to go through the direction carefully and use it only for nails. You have to be careful about contracting with eyes, mouth and skin. 

If this polygel contracts with any of those parts, you need to rinse them with water immediately. However, if you see redness and itching develop, you have to stop using it. 

Final Thought

Polygel nail kit indeed a nice product that makes the manicure session blissful. By now, we introduced you to Beetles polygel nail kit review – an ideal kit for beginners. Whether you are a beginner or expert, hopefully, you don’t face problems while using it.

Here you will find all the necessary items that are required for getting an artistic design on nails. However, we hope you get all those what we say herein. Before leaving, we expect you share your experience with this polygel nail kit through the comment box. 

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