Makartt PolyGel Kit Review: Top Product for Professional


Who doesn’t want to decorate their nails by matching with cloth and makeup? Indeed, it not only makes you attractive to others but also helps you to be an extrovert at parties. So, how do we make it possible, or isn’t it a dream? Thankfully, a new product named polygel nail kit was introduced to help get an artful and luxurious design on nails. Today, almost all beauty product manufacturers produce this nail kit. 

Makartt Poly Nail Extension Gel kit is ideal for beginners and offers all items to DIY at home. Notably, this nail kit offers six different colors so; you can choose your desired one easily. Plus, it allows three different ways to apply. 

Are those enough for makartt polygel kit review? We hope those aren’t enough to keep this product on your cart. That’s why we discuss in detail in the following section to help you in making a decision.

An Overview: PolyGel nail kit?

Polygel nail kit is a popular name among manicure lovers, even though it is new in the beauty industry. Interestingly, this nail kit’s popularity surged due to its blissful features.

So, how is it formulated, or what lies herein to make it outstanding among manicure lovers?

Well, this beauty kit is tricky because it uses a polygel formula. That formula is made by combining photoinitiator and acrylic powder. Interestingly, that formula is used to lessen the dry time. 

Every polygel nail kit package offers different colors, which help the user to design the nail differently. 

Makartt PolyGel kit review: Things You Should Know

Makartt Poly Nail Extension Gel, hopefully, a popular name among manicure lovers. If you wish to DIY at home, hopefully, here you will find everything you need.

Interestingly, this nail kit is beginner-friendly so you don’t need to be an expert. 

However, we are not finished here; instead, a detailed discussion is waiting for you in the following section. 

Features of Makartt PolyGel kit

1.      Perfect Nail enhancement kit for Beginner and Professional

Here you will get all the necessary items to beautify one’s nail in an exquisite box. Let’s see what items you will get after buying this package.

6 different color nail gel (each size 15ml) (white, clear, dark pink, natural pink, light pink, misty rose)An 8ml base gelAn 8ml top coat
Dual forms 60 pcs in 12 different sizesDual-ended nail brush and spatulaA Nail file
A Detailed Instruction Manual  

Once you open the box, you will see a little pamphlet that will give you all sorts of application instructions. Dual form is another item to uplift a nail’s beauty. For the users, this package includes 60 pcs 12 different size dual forms. All the dual forms come in a little plastic bag.

Though there is a large quantity, you may need to spend a little time finding your own size. The size is similar to the c-curve, which seems strong. Plus, you will find a line on the top that helps you see how long you are making the nail. 

Moreover, here lies a nail file that hopefully serves you perfectly. You definitely need a brush to apply the polygel in place perfectly. For you, this package offers a brush and picker tool. That tool has two items on both sides.

Here one side helps the user perfectly place the polygel, and the other side helps to scrape the poly gel from the tube. Interestingly, you can clean both sides using alcohol or acetone. 

Another interesting feature herein is that this polygel package offers six different colors: clear, light pink, natural pink, bright white, dark pink and misty rose. All those colors come in sealed tubes; therefore, no gel will spill out. The gel amount is hopefully enough to get four complete sets of nails. 

2.      Long-Lasting

After spending time getting a natural look and customizable length and shape, you definitely want it to last for a good time. This polygel nail kit won’t make you upset because it will last up to 3 weeks on your nails. 

Tip: If you want your polygel nail to last for a long time, you need to do perfect preparation such as filing, buffing and nail plates, removing the cuticle, etc. 

3.      Different ways to apply

Interestingly, with this polygel nail kit, a user can decorate her nails in three different ways. For example: 

Way No. 1: This package offers dual forms that are nice to make the nail eye-catches.

Way No. 2: You can decorate your nail with a nail extension form. 

Way No. 3: The final way is you can apply the polygel as an overlay.

What We Like and Dislike the Makartt PolyGel kit?

Positive Side: Makartt PolyGel kit

1.       Beginner-friendly

All the items are much easier to apply, which makes this kit beginner-friendly. Although it seems a bit sticky, you won’t face difficulty working with it. Don’t need to worry about the quality. Although it is beginner-friendly, the manufacturer ensures the salon quality also. 

Note: To ensure good support inside the nail form, you can get a form of non-acetone nail polish remover or slip solution. 

2.       Color Options

This polygel nail kit offers six different types of colors. Hopefully, you can decorate each nail with a different color. This polygel won’t spread any harsh chemical smell. 

3.       Cure quickly

After finishing your nail design, you can quickly cure the gel (approx. time 60 seconds). Moreover, you will find it faster and easy to apply than acrylics. 

4.       Flexible

When you compare it to acrylic, you will find it more flexible. Plus, this polygel seems stronger than hard gel. Interestingly, this gel is much lighter than acrylic and hard gel.

Down Side: Makartt PolyGel kit

  1. This package doesn’t offer any lamp, enough files, and a dehydrator, so you need to buy those separately.

Note: You can replace rubbing alcohol (should be more than 70%) instead of a dehydrator. Moreover, the package offers a base coat that will work well as a slip solution.

How to apply Makartt Polygel Manicure 

This polygel nail kit has no UV or LED lamp and slip solution, so you need to manage those separately. However, in the following section we give 5 easy ways to apply this polygel kit.

Easy 5 ways to apply Makartt polygel Manicure:

1.      Preparation:

First, take a lint-free wipe and some rubbing alcohol to clean the surface of your nails. This cleaning process needs to be done carefully to get rid of dust and make it pleasant. 

2.      Apply Base Gel:

Once you disinfected and dehydrated your nails, you need to take the base gel and apply a thin layer to your nails. Before applying the base gel, you can push back your cuticles and buff the nail surface to make the nail pleasant, even, and ruddy texture for the gel adhere.  

Note: This soak-off base gel needs to be cured under an LED lamp.

 Now, cure your nails under a LED lamp and then choose the dual forms based on your nail size. 

3.      Apply Color:

Now, choose your favorite color from those six different colors and take the spatula. After that, scrape a little amount of polygel and spread that into your dual form. Now, take the brush and rubbing alcohol to press and pat the gel until your desired shape. 

Now, you need to flip your nail over and smooth the underside. Then you need to cure the nail for 30 seconds. Once you finish the curing session, you need to pop off the dual form, and then you will see your created beautiful nail. 

4.      Filing:

Now, take some rubbing alcohol on the brush and spatula to clean them before placing the caps back. Then, you need to file your nail’s edge and sidewalls and get your desired shape. After getting your desired shape, you need to wipe away the dust. 

You can also use an e-file to make your nail surface smooth. You can file the top of your nail to remove excess bulk. Once you file your nail, you need to clean your nails using alcohol and a lint-free wipe. 

5.      Apply Soak Off gel (top it off): 

Now, take your soak off gel (top it off) and then apply a thin even layer to all your nails. After applying, you need to cure the nails again for 30 seconds and then use a little drop of cuticle oil to rehydrate skin and nails and rub for 5 minutes. 

Final Thought

A perfect polygel is necessary if you want to get an artful and luxurious design on the nail. We already introduced you to the makartt polygel kit review and an easy application process.

This nail kit is beginner-friendly so, you don’t need to be an expert in applying alone. Plus, here include all items to DIY at home, although here lies no LED lamp and slip solution.

But you can quickly solve those problems, and we also discussed the solutions in the previous section. Lastly, before we leave, we seek your vague points because we want to make all sentences clear among readers.

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