Opti-Nail Fungal Nail Treatment Repair Pen Reviews

Among the various body parts, nails have great importance in uplifting anyone’s overall beauty. But, sometimes, it becomes faded, discolored, crushed because of injury and fungus. Then, who like their nails discolor, thicken, and crumble at the edge. 

If it is mild, then you don’t need any treatment. But, serious conditions like severe pain and deeper infection demand medication and self-care steps. Many nail repairs are developed and made to help you in self-care.  

Today, we will introduce you to Opti nail fungal nail repair pen. From this review, you can get a clear idea of this fantastic product. You can use it not only for restoring healthy shine and appearance but also to cure your damaged nail due to crush injury. Let’s talk about the Opti nail fungal nail repair pen reviews. 

Features of Opti nail fungal nail repair pen

 If you want to restore your nails’ healthy appearance or damage due to nail fungus, then use this Opti-Nail Fungal Nail Repair Pen to cure. By using this nail repair, your nail damage will start improving in just 2 days. Let’s reveal the features of this nail repair in the following. 

Highlighted Features:

1. Restore Nail Appearance

Opti-Nail comes with glycerine, ethyl lactate, resasesophetone and water. Those ingredients work together to improve the nail’s appearance and damage due to fungus or accident. 

Another formula called lactic acid plus also helps you restore nail brightness and improve yellowed finger and toe. You may know the nail fungus affects the nail’s appearance and texture. 

To get rid of that issue, you can use this one because it’s quick-drying formula will penetrate the nail and then whiten and clarify it. 

The manufacturer uses triple action formulas such as smooths, lightens, and moisturizes to make the nail brighter and clearer. It has clinical approval and tasted by the dermatologist to restore the nail’s natural appearance and cure fungal infection. 

2. Quick Result

The manufacturer uses a unique formula of nail revitalizing, which will improve your nail appearance in just 2 days. Some users share their positive reviews of applying for discoloration. Moreover, the improvement will be visible after using it continuously.   

3. User-friendly Mechanism

 The pen size is a bit longer than a bit lighter. Plus, the pen applicator is super user-friendly and the instructions are clear. 

 Another interesting fact is the storing process, like cup tip-side-down, makes it ready to use whenever you want. 

Note: Because of having a powerful solution, your nail surface will absorb quickly. After a while, when it becomes dry, the shiny appearance will fade. 


  • After applying the perfect amount, you can instantly see some shine on your nail. Nevertheless, if there is no shine, then press down a bit harder using the applicator tip on the nail. 

What I like

  • The used ingredients will help you in quick recovery. Hopefully, the result will come within 2 days. 
  • It’s the quick-drying formula that will penetrate the nail to make it white. 
  • It comes with a user-friendly precision pen applicator. 
  • The odor isn’t strong enough to create a problem.

What I didn’t like

  • The price seems a little bit higher

Discussion on Opti Nail VS Kerasal

A topical nail solution is considered the most demandable option for sufferers. But, the problem arises when you have to select one. Both are competing with each other. 

That’s why a question may circulate in your head like “which could be perfect for this problem”.  I take that headache and try to provide an easy solution. Let’s reveal the differences to make it clear.

Difference in ingredients

You can differentiate these two products in terms of ingredients. The manufacturer uses different formulas to make. 

But, one formula herein is typical, which is lactic acid. It plays a significant role in both products. However, let’s reveal the ingredients herein.

  • Opti Nail: 

This nail repair comes with some core ingredients named glycerine, ethyl lactate, water and resasesophetone. Those ingredients work to repair your nail’s damage. 

Not only that, those ingredients will improve your nail’s appearance, whiten, smoothen and provide sufficient moisture to the infected nails. 

  • Kerasal: 

This product comes with propylene glycol, sodium hydroxide and Urea. Interestingly, the common ingredients named lactic acid blend with Urea and ensure the ideal treatment of fungal infections. Moreover, another ingredient named glycerine will help moisturize the nail and improve its appearance. 

Difference from the customer section

 Naturally, you hardly find unbiased and better reviews from the customer unless they use it earlier. Some studies show that people emphasize the current customer’s review to buy the product. I try to distinguish these two products using the customer review. I try to focus on which section is praised highly. 

  • Opti Nail: 

Customers praise its applicator system. Some said they love it and others tagged effectiveness with this product. 

Another point I find is the price. The majority of the customers mentioned that the price seems higher. 

  • Kerasal: 

This nail repair tool has 4.2-star ratings out of 5 on the most renowned online platform named Amazon.com. Customers show their positive feedback of the before and after-effects in the forum.

Interestingly, I find that the majority of the customers highly appreciate this product. Hopefully, it could be a better choice among those two. 

Final Thought

If you are suffering from nail-related problems like faded, discolored, crushed because of injury, fungus, hopefully, this nail repair pen could be a worthy solution.

Interestingly, the post result is blissful; you can see that two days after using. However, I want to wrap up this discussion. If you find it helpful, please share it with your friends. 

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