Gelish PolyGel Nail Kit Review: Best for Professional

Designing each nail with a different color surely uplifts your overall beauty. Don’t consider that as a dream; instead, a perfect manicure will make it possible. A perfect manicure will be ensured if you have a suitable kit. Polygel is such an ideal kit that offers multiple features to provide you with an artistic look on nails. Different brands bring different polygel kits.

From our analysis, we hope that the Gelish PolyGel nail kit will give you the best service in your manicure session. Here you will find 11 different items to ensure a natural look on nails. If you are professional, it would be the best choice. However, all the items herein are user-friendly and durable. 

Indeed, only those three lines aren’t enough to make a buying decision. To help you, we discussed in detail on Gelish polygel nail kit review along with an easy application process in the later section. I hope that you will enjoy our discussion and make a quick decision.  

What is PolyGel?

Polygel is a new invention in the beauty industry, but it quickly occupies the place in the best nail trends list. The quality and other blissful features of polygel make this beauty solution outstanding than other similar nail kits. 

The manufacturer uses polygel formula (a combination of photoinitiator and acrylic powder) to make it hard. Plus, the formula minimizes the dry time under UV or LED light.

 Interestingly, you can use polygel to get either natural or artificial looks on nails. Moreover, the polygel kit lets the user get various beautiful and artful designs on nails. 

Gelish PolyGel nail kit review:

Gelish is a renowned brand for producing fabulous polygel nail kits.

Notably, Danny Haile’s team from the US works to design and test our today’s picked nail enhancement.

They include various blissful utilities to make this nail kit excellent in satisfying any clients. 

Here includes solutions, sealers, sheer shades, etc to make it a complete nail care solution. I hope that you need more details to decide to buy; here you will find all those. 

Features of Gelish PolyGel nail kit

1.      Ideal Nail enhancement kit for professional

Gelish polygel nail kit comes with all necessary items that make it perfect for nail salon. Plus, it allows technicians to become masters of nail art. Only the technicians! – No, this kit helps beginners as well as professionals to complete nail designing smoothly and quickly.

Here include four gels like Bright White, Natural Clear, Light Pink, and Cover Pink. It doesn’t matter which you choose from those six; hopefully, each will give you an artistic look on the nail. 

Apart from those sheers, you need other vital items to get a favorable result and ensure the excellent condition of nails. To confirm, the manufacturer provides, take it off sealer, slip solution, cleanser, etc. Interestingly, those items help to avoid friction and leftover-related issues on nails. 

So, let’s see what items you will get after buying this nail kit. 

4 tube keysNatural Clear sheer shade, 2 ouncesBright White opaque shade, 2 ounces  Cover Pink opaque shade, 2 ounces  
Light Pink sheer shade, 2 ouncespH Bond dehydrator, 15 mlNail Surface Cleanse, 2 fluid ouncesSlip Solution, 240 mL
Top It Off sealer, 15 mlMulti-purpose PolyToolProBond primer, 15 ml 

2.      Natural nail color gels with durability

The manufacturer uses the quality of acrylics and hard gels that helps to get a natural look without any unpleasant odor. Plus, the gel is much more solid and flexible.

Moreover, here lies tri-polymer technology, which makes the turn out of the nail application easy and quick. 

After spending time and doing hard work, you surely want the gel to last for a long time. Interestingly, this polygel is durable; therefore, you don’t need to be tense for quick leave. 

3.      User friendly

Although it is multi-functional, but the application process isn’t complex. Here you will find a slip solution that helps to eliminate nail frictions during use.  Besides, you can shape your nails flawlessly for a long time with the help of this polygel.  

The gel comes in tubes that help the user to apply quickly in just a few seconds. Plus, you can slice, roll, and squeeze conveniently using tube keys. When you wish to apply, you can clean all the dirt and gel using the nail surface cleanse. Therefore, your gel will become smooth and stay for a long time on your nails. 

4.      Slip solution

Like other polygel, this polygel offers an easy-to-use slip solution. This slip solution will help eliminate frictions and demand little time to apply on the nail without any difficulty. We hope the application of this polygel is effective along with time-saving. 

You may know only gel can’t help get an artistic look of nails; instead, you need other things.

This polygel package has a pH Bond dehydrator, sealer, primer to ensure a more durable natural look of nails.

With the combination of those items, you can get any desired look on nails. Finally, nails care demands some extra care, which hopefully ensured by our picked polygel nail kit. So, don’t worry about getting a favorable outcome. 

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What We Like and Dislike Gelish PolyGel nail kits?

Positive Side: What we Like

1.      Lightweight

The package has four different colors of gel. Notably, all the gels are light in weight and smell pleasant.

2.      Durable

All the items in this package offer much durability along with flexibility.

Down Side: What we don’t Like

1.      Heat spike

If you fail to apply correctly on nails, you will face heat spike-related issues. 


One point worth noting is this polygel kit is for professional users; therefore, you had better do the manicure with this polygel from a nail technician. 

7 Easy Steps of Gelish Polygel Manicure 

Not only the items but also the perfect application method is essential for a blissful manicure. This polygel nail kit package offers every necessary item except the UV or LED lamp. We suggest you manage one before starting the manicure if you have no. 

PreparationYou need to clean your nails thoroughly at the preparation step, buffed natural nails, and remove cuticles.   Note: Buffing the nails is essential because it helps in better adhesion.
CleaningYou need to take the nail cleansing solution and use it to remove dust from your nails. After cleaning, you need to take Gelish PH Bond polish and apply it lightly.   Note: You have better avoid your nail’s cuticle area while using.   
Prepare nail for applying GelNow, it’s time to choose your desired gel color. After choosing, you need to take the slip solution, place it in a shallow dish, and take the spatula and brush nearby. Then your task is to unwrap one nail guide, which will assist you in nail shaping, and then place it on your finger.
Apply gelAfter ensuring the nail guide’s place, you need to take the tube and take a pea-size. And then, take a spatula to place the polygel on the center. Now, wipe off the spatula using a lint-free cloth.  
Shaping the polygelNow, take the slip solution and dip the nail brush into that.   Note: You have to ensure the brush is wet to avoid polygel sticking to your brush.   Now, take the gel on the brush and start molding it to nails. . 
Finish applyingYou can start from the middle of the nail and move the brush upward to create a longer trip, then design your way. Note: To keep your brush wet, you need to dip into the slip solution frequently.   When you are on the final shape, you can add a little amount of polygel to coat the nail’s bottom. Now, you need to smooth the areas using a brush to ensure the nail looks even. After applying successfully, you need to cure your nail.    
7. CureYou already know the package offers no LED lamp so; you need to manage your own way. After managing the LED lamp, you need to put your nail under the lamp and keep it for 30 seconds. 
8. Filing your nailNow, it’s time to file the nails to give your desired shape. To ensure perfect shape, you can use a nail drill. Once your filing has finished, you need to take the nail cleanser and clean them off.  

Final Thought

If you want a blissful manicure session, undoubtedly, a perfect polygel’s importance outweighs all others. Hopefully, you already get a clear idea of this nail kit and understand its importance. However, we tried our best to discuss the Gelish polygel nail kit review. If you are a professional, this polygel kit will help you significantly.

Here include all necessary items except the LED lamp to ensure a natural look on nails. Last but not least, we hope you get all our tones ideally; however, if not, feel free to knock us in the comment section.  

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